What is it with Richard Hammond and crashing high powered vehicles? It’s like he can’t help himself.

This was the moment The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond veered off road and crashed a £2 million supercar.

The heartstopping incident occurred when former the Top Gear host was filming for The Grand Tour‘s latest episode, which aired exclusively on Friday on Amazon Prime.

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Filmed back in June of this year, 47-year-old Hammond had just about completed his time trial, driving the Rimac Concept One electric car in Switzerland when he suddenly swerved off the road and rolled the high value vehicle down a grassy edge.

As he ploughed through the track’s barriers Hammond could be heard shouting ‘crap’ through his headset.

Things got much hairier when the supercar suddenly burst into flames as it continued to roll down the hill. However, despite the dangerous moment, Hammond was able to break free from his expensive death trap and get to safety. He was later airlifted to hospital and needed to have ‘pins put in his pulped leg’.

According to an unknown source, who was on site during the crash:

It was like something in a film.

Had he been in the car when it burst into flames he probably wouldn’t be here

Co-host, and former Top Gear alumni, Jeremy Clarkson described Hammond’s accident as the ‘biggest crash I’ve ever seen’ and teased his diminutive co-host, nicknamed ‘Hamster’, he left the Croatian-made supercar burning for five days.

Clarkson and fellow Grand Tour host – and another former Top Gear member – James May ribbed their accident-prone colleague, asking him ‘when was the last time he went home – not in an air ambulance’ and when was the last time he went home and took off his own clothes ‘rather than a paramedic cut them off’.

Stumped for a rebuttal, all Hammond could do was apologise to his family, saying:

Most importantly, sorry to my wife Mindy and my daughters Izzy and Willow. I’m sorry for being such a colossal idiot

His Grand Tour pals are of course referring to Hammonds numerous crashes, most notably in 2006 when the trio was still hosting BBC’s Top Gear. Hammond spent two weeks in a coma after nearly losing his life in a 288mph crash.

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